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Tree Again: W.L.o.M. Tree Again: W.L.o.M.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Tree Unagain

I've noticed many people are saying they don't understand the concept of this flash. To that I say that's half the point. The other half is half as confusing as the first. Heh. Sometimes I feel I'm on the same wave lengths as you as far as thinking goes and wondering/designing how the world is put together in unknown sources.

At any rate, this was very well done, more so as far as concept is concerned. The actual flash quality and design can be improved, such as a few sticky animated portions and bad sound quality. I don't mean when you meant to make the vocals and sounds fade around and get bizarre, I'm talking about instances where we couldn't hear the character's narration because your background music was too loud, and some other cases. But I liked the sound crossings and how his sentences would fade into others, very creative, well done.

As far as the meaning behind this whole thing: I've got my own interpretation of it all, and I feel that's part of what you want people to do, but also, I believe I understand things you're saying as well. Not all of course. No one will ever know the deepest things hidden in works such as these, sometimes not even the creators.

Good work though. Pretty creepy, pretty insightful, pretty pretty.


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mrnihil responds:

thank you.

if i get a few more complaints (about the music volume), i'll edit it.

Eres Veneno ++ Eres Veneno ++

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Another Hit

Your adaptation skills with characters and events to music is unique and probably the very thing that makes your movies so successful. That is because you are one of the few artists, or people I should say, out there who can actually do it correctly. And it's that aspect where you earn my respect. This flash only reinforces your name and abilities.

And as to the last reviewer, "Liteice" or somethin, this flash scored so high because it captures what I stated above, and it also tells a continuing story of some very unique characters in a very creative world. If you're lost as far as who is who then I suggest you go watch his previous works and read all of his author's comments. And no, talking or any audible dialogue, or even sound effects for that matter would've distracted and ruined this flash movie. The story is told through visuals and the feelings embeded in the song which coordinate with the action perfectly. Any other sounds besides the music would destroy that bond and thus pretty much destroy the foundation of the whole flash is built on; it ruins the moment and feeling. But at least you didn't rate the movie low like most idiots do when they don't understand stuff, so I thank you for that at least.

I love your work and am glad to see you're still alive and producing content. Keep it going, you have a rare talent.


Santa Vs Satan Santa Vs Satan

Rated 3 / 5 stars

That's Not Satan..

Story, logic, and design wise, this flash movie doesn't make any sense. Mainly because Satan would never want to do anything like that. You DO know who Satan is right? What he stands for? How evil he actually is? Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, the redeemer. Do you actually think Satan would be jumping for joy, wanting to help spread good cheer around Christmas? ...No, he hates Christmas and he hates Christ and hates joy, and hates making little children happy and blah blah blah all that corny stuff. He wants nothing more than to see you burn, to see those kids suffer and tortured endlessly. Sound cruel? Thats Satan.

I agree what others have been saying. This is more so a little imp or a demon seeking love and acceptance. That makes more sense to me and actually makes the story more touching. But with Stan? I almost felt like you were promoting him. Which sounds...loving and all but, I dunno, it is very awkward. Of course you have to right to say or represent whatever you want. It did have a good message overall.

Everything else, graphics, sound, was all pretty good. Above average suits it well for a description. I gave you low style points though for that whole Satan stuff. It was just very awkward watching this movie and felt very condradictory overall. It gets you thinking though, which is good but at the same time you're sitting there blinking at the unrealism. Half and half, its balanced in negative and postive points but a pretty good movie, so I give this is a solid 6.


Black-Crystal responds:

Nobody knows whether if satan exist or not. Satan is just a name to me which is the same as 'hell'. These names are just tools that are used to control people through their fears.

Actually i am not promoting satan, you can see that satan and santa are quite similar names but one is good and the other is evil. I just felt that it is a pretty interesting point to me since both are red and special and making satan pretending to be santa for the sake of wanting to be loved is what christmas is all about. You accept and love people on christmas.

-The Greatest Movie Ever- -The Greatest Movie Ever-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

That's Great..

But who was the Executive's Assistant of Celluloid Medium's Chemical Balance of Film? That's what I really wanted to know, stupid...



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Bohroks Vs Boxors 5 Bohroks Vs Boxors 5

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Your All Grammarz R Belongst To Its

Haha, well at first I thought you were being creative with your dialogue until I read your profile and discovered you weren't trying to mess around, but be serious.. however this in turn had a unique effect.

Number one, I love mechs. I naturally had a little attraction to your film because of your characters theme. But I can't really say I like Bionicle.. Regular Legos are cool though.. Anyway back on subject, your flash was unique in a good way because of your messy english. It gave a more believable feeling that they were robots from another world. Naturally, anything from another world would talk different than we do yet base they're language on their creators. (Granted those creators were english speaking humans.) I don't know it just made me feel like I was actually looking into the events of another world, trying to understand the language yet at the same time comprehending the communication. Its one of the few flashes I've seen where communication is transfered indirectly yet somehow clearly. I was going to give you a ton of props for I realized what really happenend.

So now I have to decide if I'd be giving you too much credit for congratulating you for doing such a wacked up job and making a mess. Well when I put it that way, I like the sound of it. Yeah, I think I will. Congrats on your screw up. Hope to see you friggen crap up some more in the future! You make a train wreck look good. And that's something to be proud of.


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Pavlov responds:


Chuck Dynamite Chuck Dynamite

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Your Mom Goes To College

Haha, that was enjoyable to watch. Nice clean humor. Thats what I love about Napoleon Dynamite. But aw man, you should've had him dancing and showing off his sweet moves at the end. Thats what I was expecting and waiting for the entire time. Then it cut short. But thats alright I s'pose.

This thing probably deserved a 9 or 10 but with 0 interactivity and a lowered graphics score because of such a jittery and unclean walking motion, it added up being a 6 from me. Sorry. Tell your buddy there that I wanna see him dance next time too! Maybe that'll get him a 10, hehe.


-Blueprints- -Blueprints-

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yes, There We Go

Awesome, finally a submission with some depth. Somehow, I knew right away that your movie here was going to be a good one. I think that's skill right there when you're capturing interest and displaying a movie's quality before the user even touches the "Play This Movie" button.

I really enjoyed this movie and its story details. I am one who is really into technology and sci-fi, actually. I like any movies involving the subject, whether its exploring its possibilities or pointing out its flaws. (Unless its extremely to an Amish degree..) I can tell you, or whoever was the writer for this, have a very creative imagination. Keep this kind of ideal-flow going.

Your graphics were pretty good but they could use some better touches here and there but really, not too much to complain about in that department. Your style and sound is what really got me lovin' this. Your conception of story and drama expression is very good. This whole movie had the same mood going through it. The music was excellent. Have you seen the Italian Job? The music and plotting the character was doing reminded me very much of that movie's opening sequence. That's a good thing. Heh.

The advice I can give you for improvement is first of all buff up your menu screen. Compared to the style and quality of the movie itself, the menu is very weak and bare. I think the simple-look goes with your film but not quite that simple. The part I didn't like the best was when the scene where the project was being presented and you went into that dialouge scene. That concept is great but you executed it a little strange. It was hard to tell which stream of words belonged to whom. For all I know that was 5 different people in a single conversation or some wacko talking to himself. The other faulty half was your choice of colors. Unless you were trying to give the effect of an old computer moniter (which I'm guessing you were) I wouldn't use green because it conflicted with the whole style and mood of the movie. Your next movie should all stick together smoothly with colors and style. But heck, what am I talking about? You pretty much did..

That's basically it. I would have tips and ideas for story design for this thing but I think you've got all that handled. You can message me for anything else though. Great work! I'm looking forward to your next installment. And I think I just might put this one on my favorites. Yes, I think I will.


Earthbound: A Love Story6 Earthbound: A Love Story6

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Back From The Graveyard?

Funny, I remember blaming this submission just last night. Trying to see if your flash can stand a chance this time? Hah..


TheMoleMovies0 responds:

actually, it was deleted by the administrator because he thought we were trying to flood the portal, when we actually had permission from the other administrator. It would have passed with a fair score.

Weird Al - You're Pitiful Weird Al - You're Pitiful

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I Was Expecting More

You know at the beginning it looked like you might've had something going but...I was let down. First off the graphics weren't the smoothest nor greatest as far as looks. Just like the last reviewer, I own the fastest internet on the market...and yet it was still choppy which means you need to work on your tweening and animation skills.

With that out of the way I want to get to the major flaw of the flash that disappointed me. It was just boring to watch after a while because there wasn't much action. (By action I don't mean guns and explosions I mean activity and interest within the content.) The whole film was pretty just one scene with Weird Al grabbing random props and kind of interacting with them. The end. Not too much else to it. I understand you're trying to follow the feel of the music video by James Blunt but c'mon.. be more creative. The lyrics offer so much more for you to act upon and I feel you didn't take full advantage at all. But hey, you still did alright. It wasn't a total mess up or anything but just had way more potential. Good luck in your future projects.

Oh and in your credits... Its "You're" Beautiful, not "Your". Heh..


Trainman Trainman

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Yes, That's What I'm Talking About

In all honesty, I do not know why I liked this flash so much. But I did. In fact, I loved it. It hit something within me. This feels to me like something kinda familiar, but yet new. At any rate I liked it. Your style rocks and I like the whole dreamy feeling I got while watching this. Although I cannot tell exactly what its all about, or whats going on, its something that intersts me.

Agh, I dunno how to explain it all. My opinion, yes, please make more. I want to see more of this kind of stuff...if you choose to do this kind of stuff.

Perhaps you could tell me a little about whats going on here, or what all this means? I know you got it from a Japanese show but still I'm curious for more details. Thanks. Keep it up!